The simple storage system from BOXuk Storage.

Store your items in BOXuk Storage heavy-duty boxes and pay a simple set price per box per month.

We provide you with a range of different sized heavy-duty boxes or BOXuk Packages at affordable prices.

Simply select the number of boxes you need and we will deliver them to you:
Box Prices
  • Small Box (305mm x 305cm x 305mm) @ £4.00 each
  • Medium Box (406mm x 406cm x 406mm) @ £5.50 each
  • Large Box (609mm x 457mm x 457mm) @ £6.50 each

  • Plus
  • Standard Archive Box @ £5.50 each

Just call 0800 337 172 to order your boxes.

When you’ve packed your boxes, BOXuk Storage offers a FREE collection service. Just give us call and we will come round and pick up your belongings. We then charge the following rates per calendar month (PCM) to store your boxes:

Box Storage Prices
  • Small Box @ £3.49 each PCM
  • Medium Box @ £4.49 each PCM
  • Large Box @ £5.49 each PCM
  • Archive Box @ £2.49 each PCM
These storage prices are only available with boxes purchased from BOXuk STORAGE. Let our FREE collection service take the strain and let BOXuk STORAGE give you the space you need.
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